Sunday, March 21, 2010

The Day That Eventually Worked Out

Friday was quite the day of ups and downs.
Left at 5am to drive into the city. Got in a car accident, the first in 9 years, the first I've ever caused, by backing into my parents car. So not really a car accident but still.
Arrived in the city before dawn and found a free, awesome parking space.
Went to NYC, had a good meeting with EMC client.
Getting home from NYC, it was like I had never been to NYC. Memory you have failed me.
Arrived at PA just in time to catch the last bus for the next hour and a half.
Went to the wrong gate
Got pissed at myself because I have taken this bus a zillion times.
Had to run.
Had a stranger help me as I ran for my departing bus
Caught the bus just in time.
Sat on the bus in traffic and arrived close to an hour late
Smashed my leg trying to get through the turnstile on a rejected token
Missed the subway train that had just pulled up.
Arrived for my dinner plans and got a great hug.
At dinner, waitress knocked over wine cooler stand.
Got free glass of wine from manager.
Chase got fixed and is no longer a padiddle.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

I'm Dropping Out of Grad School to Join the NASCAR Circuit

One of the days during my spring break vacation was spent down in Daytona and the raceway museum and family fun center. It was filled with NASCAR history, IMAX movies, simulators, test crew pits and other random items that rednecks and NASCAR junkies would just love.
Not being a redneck or NASCAR enthusiast, I was very grateful that the place was not packed when I was there. I am sure I would have died. The trip was entertaining and I got to race in my first NASCAR race. I came in first place!!! I was a natural on the track, weaving and dodging cars, vying for position. Well not really, I stayed in front the entire race and didn't come up to anyone until I lapped them. But there was one terrifying moment when a car in front of me crashed and burned on the track. Now if only I could drive stick.....

Monday, March 8, 2010

DQ hates me and chocolate soft serve

This story actually begins last year in which attempts were made to purchase chocolate soft serve from 3 different locations. I-95 in Georgia, I-95 south of St Augustine and A1A St Augustine, Florida. At every location, chocolate soft serve was not to be found. I even got a "it was contaminated" reason as well. Well, on our drive down from Jax, Renee and I stopped to get some ice cream at the DQ on A1A in St Augustine. I recalled my ordeal from the year before and prayed that one year later they would have chocolate soft serve back in stock. Well they did not. DQ is a disgrace to soft serve ice cream.

Passenger to Jacksonville; Last name.....laura

At the butt crack of dawn, I headed to the airport to begin my yearly pilgrimage to Florida. After checking in, I had to wait for a long time for them to tag my luggage. Apparently 6am is a busy time for US Airways and is made even worse by the slow moving, inadequately staffed personnel who are in desperate need of coffee. Eventually, someone comes to take care of the long queue filled with checked-in passengers awaiting to hand-off their luggage. Being one of the last to check-in, I prayed I wasn't the last to be assisted. Luckily I wasn't as the last but instead the first as she called out "Passenger to Jacksonville; Last name....................laura."
Upon arriving in Florida, I discovered a new drinking game as Renee drove me toward the city. Drink every time you saw someone with a large sign dancing on the side of the road.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Tea Time for Charity

My old dance school had their annual charity tea party for the Susan B. Komen. We got to dress up in pretty outfits, drink tea and win raffle prizes (well some of us). I didn't win anything because I put my tickets in things people actually wanted. My sister put her tickets in the things in which she would be uncontested. Therefore, she won three prizes.

The Taj Mahal Is Built of Flowers

After finding out that the Philadelphia Flower show had lots of wine tasting, I wanted to go. I didn't expect much of the flower portion and it turns out my expectations of both the wine and the flowers were wrong. The flowers were amazing. There were some amazingly creative installations which were beautiful and inspirational. The wine, while it tasted good, the set-up was less to be desired. It was like moving from isle to isle in Costco trying different samples.
The theme of the flower show was around the world. There was even a display on India. While looking at it, a lady behind me exclaims "It's just like being at the Taj Mahal!" I turned around and gave her a face like "Are you kidding me? It's nothing like that" Cause it's not. Not even close.
Jodie and I also had lunch first at Garce Trading Co. The food was so good and channel 6 was there filming as well. We were also seated by a crazy , old, one-armed veteran who told channel 6 they aren't allowed to film him without his permission.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Spring Break!!

Why Did I Even Bother Leaving Vermont

So one of the reasons I left Vermont was to get away from the cold, snow and long winters.  Well it seems the snow has followed me.  As 3 snowstorms have dumped massive amounts of snow in Philly breaking all snowfall records.  Two storms days apart dumped feet on an unprepared area, crippling the city and shutting down schools.  I had a snow day for the first time in years.  You would have thought will all the feet of snow we get in Vermont, work would have shut down at least once, but I never had a single one.  Now I've had a few.
In my days off, I stayed inside with the exception of one venture outside to play.  I built a snowman.  It was awesome.

Thank You for Wearing Deodorant.

The last day of orientation, we hopped the school bus! to the Philadelphia Rock gym for some team building exercises and rock climbing.  
The team building exercises were a lot of fun even if I never thought I would be that physically close with my classmates.  Just when you thought you couldn't get any closer, there was another activity that required you to gather even closer.  At one point all 15 us were gathered in a circle that had to be about 3' in diameter.  
After the exercises were over, we got to the rock climbing.  After my try in high school and my severe physical inability, I figured I wouldn't get more than 5 feet off the ground.  Well once again I surprised my out-of-shape ass and climbed to the top....twice.  boo-ya touchdown.
Some of my classmates were more daring and went blindfolded.  I did not attempt such feats although I did find it quite difficult to scale the wall when I had to guide someone who was blind-folded.  The whole propelling yourself through the tough spots just really wasn't an option.
Lesson learned:  Even though you're insides are of a 300lb person, it's amazing what physical feats you can accomplish.  Maybe I'll run a marathon.  Haha just kidding.   

My Feet Felt Like They Were Bleeding, but It Was Worth It

So I have been very lax in keeping up with the blogs.  Ok. So lax is a severe understatement but nonetheless, the blogs are resuming, first with some catch-up.  

Day 3 of orientation was a city wide scavenger hunt.  Our team won the game and the most creative photo.  I also won foot pain and toes I swore were bleeding.  Not to mention, the last 10 minutes of it, I felt like I was on The Amazing Race as we ran down the streets of Philly to hand in our stuff on time.  Any fitness I gained from Nepal was no longer and my performance was shameful to say the least.  
One of the things we had to get a picture of was eating a dumpling.  I think the picture explains the logic.  And bonus for us for winning the game, we won a 50$ gift card to B&N each.  Which seemed wonderful at the time being in college and needing books, but so far, has remained unused cause I am too broke to afford books full price.  Perhaps I'll buy the fashion grading book I've been eyeing.