Monday, January 11, 2010

Mumbai Flashbacks Come In Threes

Today was the first day of orientation and before I even got on the train to go to school, memories of Mumbai flashed back, first bringing the feeling of confusion and then I began to miss the warm, chaotic city of Mumbai. The first memory happened with a girl was playing her ipod for all to hear. At first she was listening to some popular club/radio songs and then it happened. She switched to the song for the White Beauty commercial where the artist has to keep repainting the woman's face because she uses the cream and her skin becomes lighter. After a few more Bollywood songs, she switches to the BSB. The first album. For those of you who don't understand how this could possibly refere to India, not only did I have a BSB poster hanging above my bed, but I also had a school folder with them on it. The last flash back happened while waiting out,on the platform, the final minutes for the train to arrive. I just happened to over hear some people talking german. Awwww roomie.
First day of orientation was good. The end.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Play times Over.

Today is the last day of doing nothing. I have been enjoying the do-whatever-I-want-to-do days and am going to miss having time-freedom as tomorrow starts the spring semester at Temple and for the first time, after being a Temple student for six months, I will step foot on campus. Which reminds me I need to find a map.... This week is filled with orientation and even some team building exercises (not tonight!...)

Just a quick recap of the move back to philly. Arrived in DC with a connecting flight to Philly. Flight got cancelled then spent hours trying to retrieve my luggage and then 6 hours driving, in above snow storm, home, arriving at 5am. By the way, arriving home from 88 degrees and sunny to freezing and a snow storm was way not cool.

Luckily, didn't feel jetlag very much; however, the food took some getting used to. Meats in particular just don't seem to get along. Adjusting back to life in the states was a bit difficult for the first couple weeks especially the cold. I hate the cold. A lot.

Lots of friends and family including going to the old, drexel hangout New Deck, Fuchs Family Game Night & picking up random guys walking who are walking home in sandals with a pizza. Seeing people, unpacking my stuff from the VT move (most of Mumbai is still in the basement), and avoiding doing stuff have kept me quite busy over break.

Now I am living at home and starting tomorrow will be commuting to school via the Regional Rails. Choo Choo! I must say, I am pretty excited to get my very first train pass. While I am sure the trains will not be as interesting as Mumbai, I am hoping they will be colorful enough to provide some stories.

Business hours are over.