Saturday, September 26, 2009

It's Sexy Feet Time

Finals are over! It was a long week, a long term, but we finished. After weeks of 6 day, full day, class days, all day and all night studying, we are going out. Our plan: dance our mental and physical exhaustion away. Ok, dance and drink.... Nonetheless, I broke out my sexy feet and the night was on. (my feet are also extra sexy having just received a pedicure. Preshal and I treated ourselves to mani, pedis post finals for a mere 6$ and that includes the upsells of scrubs and french tips.) After some hotel drinks and quick dinner, we landed at China House. Shots quickly followed. Followed by beer. Followed by shots. Followed by a beer from an Italian Nuclear Engineer. And dancing was all night long. I wish I could share the video from the last song of the night. It was what can only be descibed as, "if you had only one song to dance it all away, this is how you would dance", crazy dancing.
As of this morning, my body still had not fully unwound from the stress of the week as I partially awoke feeling not so good from the beer and liquor combo and trying to do financial equations to figure out if I really did feel fine or not.
In four hours, we are headed off to Nepal for a week. Check back then.
Plus a bonus story will be added then. I got a roommate.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

The "Where's Waldo" of Shopping

Going to the local "super"market brings new surprises every time. The shelves are loaded with single or a few items of thing which equals hundreds of different products bombarding the eyes. Every time I go to the store, I spot something new that I wish I had found the trip before. I haven't quite figured out if the inventory changes/move frequently or if I just miss stuff. Today's trip resulted in the discovery of cheese. Grilled cheese sandwhich, check. And REAL maple syrup although I bet that is quite pricey. But nonetheless, maple syrup has been noted.
My good friend Amir, I can call him my good friend because he asked me to be his friend, even looks out for me ever since that time he forgot to bag my spaghetti sauce. Our friendship still needs work though. I don't think he's quite caught on to why I bring an empty bag into the store yet. I'm sure one day we will have a good laugh. But he has suggested that I try garlic roti with curd. It's good for my health. Next time Amir, when I actually figure out what curd is. Also, he tried to upsell me on the Skippy for my American palette. It may have more peanuts than the Indian brand but for an extra rs95, it tastes just fine.
Side note: After finding out that back home, the weather is cooling, I realized that the seasons here are changing too. And for the better! After living in Vermont for three years, today while out shopping I fully took in the warmth and sun of the day. The rains have stopped and the sun comes out a bit more each day. It's still very warm and I love it.
Additional side note: Ambush! Walking home I saw a bush with legs walking towards me. There was a man under there somewhere. I wish I had my camera.
Farewell for now & on to the grilled cheese!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Name that Professor

Let's play that that professor!

Group email courtsey of Shawn
"Laura are you with us"
"Sabudana Vada"

A good majority of our professors seem to have some trademark phrase or pronunciation. Of course you have to be there to understand most of these. I guarantee we laugh daily at them.Hint:There is no David in our group.

Ahhhhhhhh! My friends, we will talk soon. Good night.

The Long Awaited Pancake

After weeks of talking about pancakes followed by 3 weeks from when we spotted the Hungry Jack, we finally got pancakes. Fluffy heaven was only delayed by not having a pan then forgetting to get butter.

But alas, Sunday morning was a glorious day for pancakes, once we figured out how to use the hotplate. Toppings were banana and Nutella. Perfection. Please note the pancakes did not look this gross in real life. I think it's the plate. I could have eaten them forever. Now, I have to work on getting a big piece of meat. I miss meat. Of all the things I miss from home, I miss food the most.

Unfortuately, this has been the highlight of my week. Classes 6 days a week does not leave much time for anything. More blogs to come after finals!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Bring Back the School Dance!

Saturday night, Preshal and I went to the school dance held for the incoming class. It was magical. We were instantly greeted by the principal, determined we had to be dancing, passed off to a fellow student to find people to dance with, and shoved into a crowd. It didn't matter we actually were looking for some of friends from the dorm. The dance was held outside on the school's beautiful rooftop. It was full of dancing to Indian songs which I have never heard of while an overexcited crowd goes nuts and sings along. But there were two American songs they threw in. I happily sang along while screaming "I know this song!"

Once again, being the only white person around I got asked to have my picture taken and asked to dance. I should start asking if they want my autograph as well.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Ganesh Goes for a Swim

Final day of Ganesh celebrations. After days of parades, Ganesh idols at every corner, & lights everywhere, it has finally culminated into today. The idols are being taken down to the water and it's a long procession of all the parades that took place in the past fortnight.

Once again no video, courtesy of crap internet. Probably for the best as I am a better photographer than filmographer.

Here's the equation for today's events. Take the summation of all the weeks parades which include: dancing, music, idols and add color powder, firecrackers and a shit ton of people lining the streets= one wicked party on the way to and at the waterfront.

Side bar: If you have your key, you can still be locked out.
This is the first time, I've been locked out and had my key with me. This actually all started two days ago with my padlock getting jammed while during the unlocking process. No worries, security guard to the rescue. Today, it wouldn't even budge past go. Yup, I got a brand spanking new padlock after my other one had to be forcefully taken off with a hammer. There was a saw; but I'm glad he thought better. I didn't want bits of finger all over my door.