Thursday, December 17, 2009

Survive Mumbai, Survive the World

We are down to the final hours of my time here in Mumbai and while I do miss home, I wish leaving was optional. I think part of this has to do with days here being in the high 80s and sunny. And well.... Philly isn't. Not even close. Aside from the weather, Matunga Central has become home. I will miss roaming the chaotic streets, dodging cars & pile of poo and maneuvering through the hoards of people in the markets and streets. Getting a taxi where the driver understands you, doesn't try to rip you off and listening to the sound of the gear shift as the taxi from decades past putters down the street will be missed. Everything in the US will be too easy and boring. In Mumbai, you don't have to make your own adventures, they just happen. But at the end of it, if you have survived Mumbai, you can survive anywhere.

Who wants to win Bacardi Shorts!

I want to win bacardi shorts. At the Hard Rock Cafe, it was ladies night and my last night in Mumbai. The dj announced a contest for the women and the first qustion was who was the author or Pride and Prejudice. Being the scholar that I am, I knew the answer and won. But, surprise, I didn't win Bacardi shorts. I won a Bacardi shot. Going up to the bar to cash in on my winnings, another surprise was waiting for me. Not only did I not win Bacardi shorts. I didn't win a shot in a shot glass. I think the picture explains it all. Not my style, but this was won using the old noggin. Picture coming soon to technical difficulties.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Stray Dogs Don't Eat Paratha

This story actually comes in two parts. As we also found out that stray dogs do eat pizza.

Last night, on our way back from dinner, Heather decided to share her leftovers with the families on the street. Most of them anyways as we decided it would be best not to feed them non- veg food. So the pizza went to the dogs. Two slices and we just so happened across two dogs sleeping on a pile of dirt. The first dog was given a slice; then, Heather tried to get the attention of the second and was unsuccessful and threw the pizza at the dog. Had the dog been paying attention perhaps the slice would'nt have hit him in the head and scared the living daylights out of him and causing him to jump very high in the air. We died laughing.

Today, Heather decided to share her remaining paratha with a local dog who had visited our table and looked rather famished. He snubbed her scrap offerings and she decided to give them to more appreciate dogs. Well this didn't work as a few more dogs snubbed her scraps as well. Attached is a photo of a dog walking two feet away and resettling. You can see the scrap just lying there. Apparently he couldn't even stand to be near the scraps. Apparently beggars can be choosers, even if you are a dog.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Farewell to Welingkar

Today was our last day at Welingkar. We had lunch with the faculty and said our good-byes. Being finished with the program has officially hit me. While I am excited to enjoy a relaxing last week in Mumbai, I am sad to be leaving school and the classroom in which we spent countless hours together. As a parting gift, the staff gave us lamps which I plan to bring to Temple for the first day of orientation. It's just not official until you have a lighting ceremony. Perhaps I will have to make one last stop on campus for some chai, an omlette grilled sandwhich and some final good-byes. School is just not gonna be the same in Philly without chai breaks.