Wednesday, September 1, 2010

I Want That Fish, But I Want Him Dead

Jennie and Kwang took me to the fish market in Seoul. What I was not expecting was that much of the selection was still alive and sometimes well in the tanks including octopus. What I was expecting even more was what happens after you pick out your fish. They pull it out, put it on the scale still flapping, throw it onto the ground still flapping and BAM! whack it in the head. In the video is the 2nd fish's demise. The first not caught on tape was met with a loud, hallow whack followed by it bursting its mouth open as seen in the front. Warning: don't watch if you are the least bit senstive. seriously.

In positive fishy news, I was also taken to Dr. Fish in the Insect Exhibit in one of Seoul's beautiful parks. Luckily, they day was very rainy and no one was around and I got to enjoy having my feet eaten by the tiny fish. They did a fantastic job!

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