Wednesday, September 8, 2010

B**** Didn't Give Us Welcome Cookies & Tea

Upon arriving in Kerry, Ireland, we ran into problems due to our severe Americaness of not being able to drive stick. A taxi car ride later, we arrive at the B&B and greeted by a not so friendly owner. We then settle in and head out to procure "dinner" which ended up being baguette and cheese from the local convienent store. Back in the room while we are eating, mom mentions that the lady will probably be mad for the mess we are making. I go on to say, in my usual colorful way, "b**** should have brought us welcome cookies and tea".
The highlight of this story is that I got my mom to agree to this AND start complaining as well about the lack of hospitality we would expect from B&B establishments. This went on until my sister pointed out that my mom doesn't eat cookies nor drink tea.
We then realized all those years as kids when she would ask "if the other kids jumped off a bridge, would you?", her answer would have been "yes".

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