Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Are You A Teacher?

When you're white and in South Korea, chances are you're a teacher. Which is why more than once I got asked "Are you a teacher?" especially when I was in Samcheok.

Samcheok was a wonderful little city with not a whole lot to do but enough for a long weekend or in my case a few days mid-week.

The buses are one of the most notable things of the trip. This considering the many bus trips we took from Ho Chi Minh to Bangkok. The seats were large. Only three across and included a foot rest you could put up. It was like being in first class. Koreans know how to travel.

Samcheok sits on the beach being historically a fishing village with a very sexual past (Penis park) and is also known as "Cave City". Just outside Samcheok is one of the largest caves in Asia. Although slightly cheesey in the Asian fashion with colored, string lights and lame names like "Bridge of Love", the massive cave was amazing. The cave has a metal pathway that winds through out various section of the cave which takes a leisurely 1.5 hrs. Although I'm sure if you were like the other Asian tourist booking it through you could do it in the recommended 1 hr allotment.

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